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From July 2023 to June 2024, the LATAM Agriboots team (also known as NZTE’s agtech team in Latin America) is proposing a series of activities to connect NZ Agri tech providers to commercial opportunities throughout the LATAM region with a focus on the Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico markets. ​

Through a programme of activities, customers will further position their brand across Latin America, understand about their stakeholders, grow their capability to convert to sales and accelerate their market entry or growth.​

The programme has been designed to offer key NZTE support based on customer needs, and includes understanding stakeholders, driving commercial growth and sales leads generation, strengthen customers sales capability, creating connections and networks that enable growth.​ 


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in Latin America for FY 2023/2024

Field Days Latinamerica 2024

Build on the success of Field Days Chile 2023, we are transforming a local event into a Regional opportunity to connect with key stakeholders across the region. Field Days Latin America will be a week long immersion programme activity for NZ customers who register, including a 1-day trade fair where customers showcase their technologies at stands and via practical and technical product demonstrations on site, on a farm managed by 2 kiwis living in Chile for over 2 decades.​

The event, which celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2023, offers a wide range of ag-related activities, drawing visitors from an estimated 10 countries across the region. Over 60 NZ brands are present through it’s local distributors. Recent research shows that 90 percent of the visitors said seeing new products and practices were the reason they came to the show.

Field Days Latin America 2024 aims to bring together industry experts, local farmers sharing their farming legacy using NZ technology and sharing experiences to a whole new level.  

Dates:  March 2024
Verticals: dairy, livestock
Format: in-person

Agricultural Acceleration Programme in Brazil

Phase 2. Second phase of the acceleration programme ran in partnership with AgTech Garage in 2022. Promote connections between NZ solution providers and key players in AgTech Garage’s ecosystem

Dates: Nov 2023
Verticals: dairy, livestock, horticulture ​
Format: online

Field Days Ecuador

On farm days focused on practical showcasing of NZ agritechnologies in action. These would be held on farms and be tailored to the needs of the participating companies and local distributors. This will be 4th year of this activity.

Dates:  May 2024
Verticals: dairy, livestock
Format: in-person

GreenTech Americas 2024

Business leveraging ​- Business leveraging event where key stakeholders meet with NZ hortitech companies and learn more about NZ technology, solutions and services for agritech sector.​

Dates:  March 2024
Verticals: horticulture
Format: hybrid, for customers who are not able to attend in-person 

LATAM Agroeficiente Marketing and Comms

Research on stakeholder communication preferences, sketch of typical decision-making process in the sector, and sketch of sectoral personas in order to enable companies to understand their audience and create customer-centered content based on the sectoral learnings, as well as inbound marketing strategy/campaign focused on lead generation and creating preference for New Zealand agritech customers present in Latin America through a series of tactical activities, such as positioning agroeficientenz.com website, SEO, case studies on video, PR, positioning NZ companies as content matter expert authorities in existing trade media across the region, etc. ​

Dates:  July 2023 – June 2024
Verticals: dairy, livestock, horticulture
Format: digital


Agricultural Acceleration Programme in Brazil (phase 2)
dairy, livestock, horticulture 



GreenTech Americas 2024

MARCH 2024


Field Days Latinamerica 2024: Un Día de Campo
dairy, livestock 

MARCH 2024


Field Days Ecuador: Días de Campo
dairy, livestock 

MAY 2024


LATAM Marketing and Sales Campaign
dairy, livestock, horticulture


Why join Latin America Agtech Activities in fy 23/24?

Driven by the mission to be closer every day to the major players in agribusiness production and to promote technologies and knowledge to drive efficiency, NZTE LATIN AMERICA team has designed these series of activities to ensure no one is left out.

Whether you decide to join one, two or all our activities, this unique opportunity to ensure you are positioned in front of your main stakeholders in Latin America, raising your brand’s profile and showing how NZ is pushing the boundaries of innovation in agriculture.

These upcoming series of events are a combination of valuable connecting tools which will help you understand your stakeholder’s main key challenges, be part of their success journey and grow your business in the region.


These activities are organized by NZTE LATAM AGRI BOOTS.

For over 20 decades, Latin America agtech team has been New Zealand companies boots on the ground, helping position New Zealand value proposition for the agribusiness industry in the dairy, horticulture, food processing and forestry industries.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the New Zealand international trade development agency. NZTE aims to support the country’s businesses to build strategic alliances and develop commercial relations at an international level. Through a network of 32 offices, NZTE connects New Zealand’s businesses with the world and shares opportunities, knowledge, experience, and contacts.

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